Disney World: Photo Challenge List

In one week I’m about to start a new full time job. I will be busy with training for the following month (& hopefully also a move into a new home somewhere in that time too *fingers crossed*). That hasn’t made me stop thinking about my website and where to take it, or more importantly, I don’t want to stop taking photos. I don’t know anyone here and nor am I familiar yet with the go-to photo places (besides the main theme parks & attractions here). So, for a while at least, I won’t be doing any sessions. I still have plenty of travel photos to share and will slowly start posting those. I may get one or two out before work starts. We’ll see.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about all that I’d love to capture at Disney World, now that I live so close to visit practically all year round! Previous trips we’ve typically always traveled with family and after one or two days of lugging around my big heavy camera, combined with the excuse that I just want to spend quality time with family, means that my photos haven’t been that great. Mind you, I didn’t have this website or even the smallest thought of being a photographer on those trips either so I never gave my snaps much thought.

I need a challenge (or two or many!) to keep my camera from collecting dust. Here is my list of challenges so far, for the coming Fall season:

  • Food & Wine Festival: capture ALL of the booths (and maybe at least one food item from each?)
  • Halloween: ALL of the gorgeous decorations!
  • Christmas:  (Idea One) Christmas around the world (showcase) at Epcot
  • Christmas: (Idea Two) ALL of the Christmas trees from each park

As you can see, my previous photos that relate to the above list are seriously lacking in any talent or are completely nonexistent…


I plan to practice and improve and have fun doing it!

Anyone have any other ideas for me that I should add to my list? Or what you’d love to see me capture for you? I’d love to hear them!



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