Sorry if you’re all singing that song now. Hopefully, you’re a Bowie fan like me. In all seriousness though, there are some BIG changes for me and this space as my little family is moving to Florida!! Still in a state of shock, excitement and fear but it’s happening…and soon. Middle of June, in fact!

With that said, I still have a few photo sessions left before I go. However, things may (once again) be a little quiet here until I get settled in my new surroundings. We still have family (& friends) located here, so I will be back for visits and will of course share when those happen for anyone interested.

To help get in the mindset that this.IS.happening I got a bit nostalgic and went through old photos of previous visits to Disney World (which we’ll be moving near) and thought I’d share a few with you. Tell me I’m not alone that palm trees, sunshine and that castle, with fireworks!, doesn’t get you excited to be moving near that?!


See you soon, Florida!




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