Colouring eggs is one of my family’s Easter traditions, as it’s not something that I grew up doing in Australia. Since my son was born, I’ve embraced the fun of colouring hard boiled eggs. He’s a teenager now, so I’m not sure how long it will stick. This year we did something new…we used natural dyes to colour our eggs. Tumeric (which have stained my nails yellow), paprika, grape juice and frozen blueberries. Surprisingly easy and not too messy (besides stained nails). Note to self: wear gloves next time.

It’s going to be a little quiet around here (as you may have already noticed). I’ve got some exciting photo shoots coming up in the next month or two that I need the time to research and prepare for. It also allows my window of time (as I work a full time job) to open up for the possibility of more photo shoots.

I wanted to stop in here for a moment to wish you all a….



(Apologies for the grainy phone photos)


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