Weekend Photo Project (4): Minnehaha Falls

Background: This is a project I dreamed up for this year to help me improve on my photography skills. Each weekend I plan to take my camera out with me as I tour places in Minnesota. This will also help me scout out the perfect locations for photo shoots. 

As I share these photos, I hope that you can picture yourself (& your family members) in them….

Location: Minnehaha Falls Minneapolis, MN

Cost: Free, except for parking.

*Also worth noting, dogs are welcome!  I’m happy to do photos of you with your best friend 🙂 

I’ve always wanted to visit the falls in the winter and finally made some time this year to see them while there was still some ice hanging from the rocks. It’s been a warm(er) winter than normal so the falls were flowing and not frozen. Still the morning I visited, despite the beautiful sunrise over the falls, it was quite chilly. The stairs down to the bridge and paths below were roped off for the season (-although you’ll see in one picture that didn’t stop some people).

Click on any picture below for the full picture.

I will have to make it back again during the winter for a good picture of the frozen falls but for now I’m looking forward to a visit again in the springtime.



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