Sunday Snow Day

This winter has been an odd one. Warm, rainy, icy and very little snow. With the exception of the ice, it’s been one I haven’t had too many complaints about (fact is, I’m not a fan of winter). This year, however, I want it to snow. You read that right. My German Shepherd, Calla (pronounced like “Kayla”) was recently diagnosed with cancer. Snow happens to be one of her favourite things in life, to the point that she whines if I don’t let her out while it’s snowing outside. Knowing this is probably our last year with her, I want it to snow as much as possible.

Last Sunday we got the perfect blizzard. Perfect because we were home and it was done and out of the way by Monday before the morning commute to work. I took Calla and my camera outside and also managed to capture a few pictures of her younger sister Anya who does not share her sister’s love of snow…

Click on any picture below for the full picture.

I think Calla is right. Snow is a beautiful thing.




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