Weekend Photo Project (3): Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Background: This is a project I dreamed up for this year to help me improve on my photography skills. Each weekend I plan to take my camera out with me as I tour places in Minnesota. This will also help me scout out the perfect locations for photo shoots. 

As I share these photos, I hope that you can picture yourself (& your family members) in them….

Location: Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Chaska, MN

Cost: $12 for visitors aged 13 and older. Free for children 12 years and under. Every 3rd Monday of the month it’s free to all visitors!

Established in 1958 by the University of Minnesota, the Landscape Arboretum provides 1200 acres of gardens, woods, trails and more. Inside the visitor center you’ll also find a cafe, gift store and observatory, which are perfect to visit on a rainy day as it was on my first visit there…

Click on any picture below for the full picture.


I hope to see more of the grounds on my next visit in the Spring.




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