Weekend Photo Project (2): Art Shanty Projects

Background: This is a project I dreamed up for this year to help me improve on my photography skills. Each weekend I plan to take my camera out with me as I tour places in Minnesota. This will also help me scout out the perfect locations for photo shoots. 

As I share these photos, I hope that you can picture yourself (& your family members) in them….

Location: Art Shanty Projects White Bear Lake, MN

Cost: Free!

The Art Shanty Projects is a fun & unique experience. Putting a spin on one of Minnesota’s favourite winter past times: Ice Fishing! The event runs every weekend in February from 10am-4pm.  Warning: I took a lot of photos, so I’ve broken them up a bit for easier viewing.


Click on a picture below to see a more full sized album.

Birdhouse of Arthur J. E. Wren


The Justice Shack


The Dance Shanty

 Chef Shanty

Sci-Fi Book Club

I-C SPArkle-matic

Slumber Party Shanty

Leaf Your Fears Behind

The Sky Is Falling

Conversation Booth

Air Hockey On Ice

Snow Blind

String Box & Art Shanties

Winter Parasol

“Shanty Town”

Glad I decided to brave the ice to experience these!




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