NYC: Empire State Building

The day we arrived in NYC the sun was shining and it was beautiful. Then around mid-afternoon a fog started to roll in and it pretty much stayed for our entire 3 day trip, with the brief exception of our walk over the Brooklyn Bridge the following day. We had pre-purchased tickets to visit the Empire State Building on our arrival day so we were locked in to this foggy visit. It wasn’t a complete fail though because the fog kept people away, so it felt like we had the place to ourselves.


The views were still amazing though I hope to make it back again some day for a chance to see more of the landscape.



3 thoughts on “NYC: Empire State Building

  1. Next time, try the Rockefeller Center. Maybe even at night? I personally like the view from “the top of the rock” even better.


      1. I was up there last December at night.
        I posted some pictures of my visit in case you want to look. It’s under “destinations” – New York.

        The Rockefeller Center is also never as crowded as the Empire Center.

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